Freedom City
Freedom. Just the sound of that word sends a thrill up the spine and gladdens the heart, as our city and our nation were founded upon the ideals of Freedom, and they can still be found here, in spite of many challenges and trials. I had the good fortune to travel extensively in my youth and young adulthood, visiting great cities around the world from New York to London, Paris, Hong Kong, and many more, but I am proud to call Freedom City my home, the city of my heart.
From the parks of Riverside under the watchful eye of the Sentry Statue to the high-rises and mansions of Parkside, from the Promenade of Hanover to South River and the Boardwalk, I know this city like no other. I’ve been privileged to see Freedom’s highs and lows, taking in a performance at the Beaudrie Opera House and cheering on the Comets at the Liberty Dome to the devastation of the Terminus Invasion and the courage demonstrated by ordinary citizens on that fateful day.
For Freedom City is no ordinary place. I know that many feel a strong sense of civic pride, but I say this with the weight of history at my back. Freedom City has known trials and tribulations, but also the kinds of wonders that have drawn people from far and wide to visit and, often, make their lives here. Everyone in Freedom remembers their first “sighting,” when the shadow of a caped figure passed overhead, perhaps, or leapt from building to building. “Superhero spotting” is something of a spectator sport in our city; and why not, since Freedom City boasts the greatest number of costumed heroes in the world.
With all their high-flying celebrity, it can be easy to forget, however, that those heroes are a part of our community, too. Many of them have lived, fought, and even died here protecting Freedom City and its people. We can also overlook the many other citizen-heroes of our fair city, those who do not wear costumes or have great powers at their disposal, but who nonetheless do whatever they can for this city and its people. They are our police officers, fire fighters, medical personnel, social workers, teachers, and countless civil servants who make Freedom City a place I am proud to call home—a city of heroes.
So, whether you’re here to visit and enjoy the many wonders Freedom City has to offer, or you’ve heard our city’s siren call and come to stay, welcome! Enjoy all that Freedom has to offer, and may our city help to bring out the hero in you!
Best wishes,
The Hon. Calliope Summers,
Mayor of Freedom City


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